07 April, 2013


Do you believe that if you were to look inwardly, you can discover the power to construct an improved position in life for yourself? Well, it may surprise you, but the answer is “Yes”. So many of us believe that in order to have a healthy, successful position in life, we need to have some kind of approval by someone else. And this is far from the truth. 

The first thing we must do in order for us to grow into that space that is healthy and progressive, is to restructure the way we view ourselves. When we view ourselves in a negative light, we will more than likely see things and people in a negative way, When we are able to identify through self-awareness the attitudes that we hold that can thrust us forward or hold us back, we are on the right track to create that space in our lives that will be fruitful as well as healthy, We have to take charge of our lives as opposed to allowing others to dictate or control us in a way that will be detrimental to our all around growth and development. Therefore, we must neither be discouraged nor afraid to take the time to look within ourselves to remove the impediments that is causing so many of us to regard ourselves as less than great, beautiful, intelligent, and creative. But the process of searching out for those impediments may take some time to do, and this alone may require a lot of patience and commitment. 

The fact is, we have to be honest with ourselves about the issues that are troubling us and keeping us from becoming the person that we want to become. Additionally, we can’t continue to blame anyone for what we’ve become and if we refuse to accept the assistance that is available to us, then we have to bear the responsibility for what we’ve created in our lives. When we hear of a tragedy or are faced with a crisis, we have to find that quiet space to reflect and make a decision as to what direction we want to take. If we allow such a crisis to take control over our lives, we will not be able to function properly on a day to day basis. This is why it’s important that we wholeheartedly believe in ourselves and create that necessary space in our lives that will be conductive to promoting wellness.

The vast majority of us waste a lot of precious time on matters that are insignificant to our growth. Our focus should be on developing a better relationship with ourselves. When self-determined people are moved to make a change and not waste time blaming others for the condition the world is in, they will have a better opportunity at developing ideas that can be put into manifestation to neutralize any crisis. And this is because that self-determined person had a clear aim and purpose about what they wanted to accomplish. So as we grow into that positive space in our lives, and gain more awareness and knowledge, we will begin to think and do things differently. When we attain more awareness, it will enable us to ascend above the issues and crisis and then we will be able to take full control of our lives. Our future. 

No matter how negative or positive the situation is, it should always be a learning experience. But we also have to bear in mind that we are not a product of our environment, but of the choices that we make. So no matter what comes our way, we should always remain steadfast in our discipline, patience, and commitment to being triumphant over any adversity.
Mr. Carry Greaves is the Empowerment Coordinator for 2013 International Men's Day; a published free-lance journalist; poet; and a Senior Contributing Editor to IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R), an international quarterly Fatherhood and Men's Issues journal published in the United States and distributed on a subscriber basis in the United States, Europe, and Africa.


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