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A Boy can Aim for the stars.
A Boy can Be what he wants to be.
A Boy can make a Change.
A Boy can have big Dreams.
A Boy can Explore the world.
A Boy can Find what he seeks.
A Boy can Give as much as he can.
A Boy can Help make a difference.
A Boy is Incredible in his own way.
A Boy is a Joy to be around.
A Boy can seek Knowledge.
A Boy is full of Love to give.
A Boy can do Noble things.
A Boy can Only do his best.
A Boy can win every Prize.
A Boy can Question if he wants.
A Boy can Reach his goals.
A Boy can make the Smart choice.
A Boy can Try to do what is right.
A Boy can Understand most things.
A Boy can have a Vision of the future.
A Boy can appreciate Wisdom.
A Boy has an X and Y chromosome.
A Boy is a man in his Youth.
A Boy has Zeal to do great things.

Kavita Ganness is the 2012 International Men's Day Coordinator for Trinidad and Tobago.