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Words evoke images and emotions. Words have energy and power. They fire up our imagination and have the capacity to shatter our souls and break our spirits. That is why we should choose our words carefully. So, why am I talking about words?

One evening, after completing an 11-hour day at the office, I jumped on a bus and headed for a dinner meeting. A woman, in her early 20s, and her son, who appeared to be a little over a year old sat next to me. The little boy looked up at me with curious eyes and gently tugged the sleeve of my coat with his small hands. I smiled and greeted him with a warm “Hello”. His mother admonished him for bothering me. I smiled again, this time at his mother, and said “It’s okay.” The little boy squirmed in his mother’s lap and again gently tugged at the sleeve of my coat. “Your son is adorable,” I commented to his mother. She glanced down at her son, and then informed me: “He likes to fight. He fights all the time”. Was she issuing a warni…