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International Men’s Day deals with current issues and debates. Freedom of speech, opinion and expression are crucial in any democracy. But this freedom has its boundaries. Any comments and criticisms will allow the promoters and supporters of IMD to improve our efforts, reshape strategies and reassess goals. We live in a constantly changing society with diverse voices. Thus, we must expect debates and different views on values, religion, gender, political ideology, morals, ethics and behavior. Which version of democracy is the most suitable for a country? Probably we need to accept the various shades of democracy that exist across the world.

Who will decide what is right and wrong? The government might believe that a jail term of fifty years is justice for a guilty murderer. Is it justice for the victim and the victim’s family? Many loosely use the terms ‘liberation’ and ‘freedom’. Is there one definition for such terms? Some perceive freedom as being allowed to criticize the governm…


“I know the concept explaining the formation of rain but show me the law that says millions of human beings must suffer from malnutrition or live without clean water. I understand the biological explanation that humans need air to survive but show me the law which states that humans must be forced to live in slums and polluted areas. I know the law of nature where some animals hunt each other to survive but show me the law that proves human beings must kill, injure or shoot fellow humans. I know the scientific law of gravity but please explain to me which laws state that gender inequality, murder and child abuse must exist.”

This was my opening statement I had posed to my undergraduate History class of 70 students in 2009. They were all confused. They did not expect these questions on the first day of a supposedly boring History class that was restricted to the past! I asked another question- Is it possible to create a world without poverty, injustice, sadness, racism or pollution? T…


We all know the importance of a good leader. Effective leaders of armies, governments, religious institutions and schools usually possess certain qualities. A company would pay millions of dollars for a skilled and competent CEO. In turn this leader would be expected to ensure there are profits and sound management. There are many books, audio tapes and DVDs which focus on creating the ultimate leader.

Some leaders demand or earn their respect and admiration. This is a result of their training, education, experience, eloquence and/or charisma. International Men’s Day has been able to expand because of suitable leaders and supporters who listen and learn from each other. It is a simple success story which ensures the success and survival of this Day.

Today’s world demands a modified leader. He or she must be flexible. There is need for a leader who is also a follower. This leader-follower or leader-supporter is someone who is willing to listen to advice from others. The leader-followe…