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The Ultimate Men's Summit is a free virtual teleconference from June 10th through June 19th. It features more than 75 luminaries, authors, and teachers who will discuss the most important issues faced by men today.

Speakers include Sam Keen, Neale Donald Walsch, Dan Millman, Warren Farrell, Paul Dobransky, Jack Canfield, John Friend, Andrew Harvey, John Friend, and Hal Stone. There are women experts, as well, including Riane Eisler, Alison Armstrong, and Caroline Casey.

Men have a lot of issues in today's world, and women have a lot of issues with men. Both men and women will find clear answers and opinions from the experts, and can engage in conversations on the live calls. Topics include:

What is 21st Century Masculinity?

How can we become better partners to create a better world?

What is most important in a man's life?

What do men need to know about women, and what do women need to know about men?

Ten days of rich conversations and learning - June 10th through Jun…