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“Critics of International Men’s Day want to know “which men” are being talked about. Is International Men’s Day talking about Rich Men? Poor Men? Black Men? Brown Men? Indian Men? Men in the Global South? White Men in advanced capitalist countries? International Men’s Day speaks to all Men- Rich Men, Poor Men, Working Class men, Homeless Men, Middle-Class Men, Black Men, Brown Men, Indian Men, Asian Men, Aboriginal Men, Men in the Global South, Men in Third World Countries, White Men in advanced capitalist countries- and the women who love them.” (A “Teachable Moment” on Men’s Issues, In Search of Fatherhood Summer 2010, p.40)

These powerful words were written by Ms. Diane Sears, the United States Coordinator for International Men’s Day. It aptly captures the inclusive nature of IMD. The special Day is not designated as International Poor Men’s Day or International Chinese Men’s Day. The important word in International Men’s Day is MEN. And, what is more important is that children, gi…


When faced with danger, the ostrich is supposed to bury its head in the sand. Do we adopt this strategy when we are faced with problems? Some of us know the image of an angry or wounded animal charging through the forest or jungle. Are we like this angry animal creating a path of destruction? Or are we similar to the owl that is considered wise and thoughtful? Do we think of solutions and implement these solutions to solve problems? Are we rational and considerate in our speech and actions?
International Men’s Day (IMD) encourages you to be like the owl and also to be rational and display concern for others. Furthermore, supporters of IMD cannot ignore the ostrich or always avoid the angry and wounded human beings. We need to help those who are emotionally and psychologically hurting. IMD cannot isolate itself from the rest of society.
The excitement of IMD must not fade. There is still potential for growth and we have not reached our peak. Some have been part of IMD but soon beca…