15 April, 2011


As International Men’s Day ("IMD")continues to grow, the voices of the critics become more distant. As IMD emerges in more states and nations, the comments by doubters become less significant.

Three years ago, I received an email from a gentleman who said that he regularly took medication to treat depression. He said that after learning of International Men’s Day, he reduced his dependency on the medication. He eventually initiated an observance in his country and has been able to stop taking his medication. He told me that his relatives, doctor and friends were worried when he stopped his medication. But there were no negative effects. The gentleman continues to have IMD observances in his country and eagerly looks forward to 19 November.

Such frank and personal accounts amaze me. I never expected IMD to have such an impact. IMD enabled this individual to overcome inner demons and liberate himself. This is one incident and I’m sure there are many similar incidents where IMD was useful and beneficial.

I want to encourage doubters and critics to try our free product- International Men’s Day. There is no need for a prescription. IMD is for the sick and the healthy. IMD is for the beautiful and the ugly. Try IMD for as long as you want and there is a guarantee there will be no negative side effects. If you are dissatisfied feel free to return it to us. This free trial offer has no expiry date!!

International Men’s Day has changed how men view sons and daughters, how men view other men, how men view women and how men view themselves. It’s a re-evaluation of our identity and allows for a better understanding of society and our purpose in life. IMD has certainly modified gender relations from one that is antagonistic to one that is complementary and supportive. IMD provides hope and optimism. IMD allows you to be more self-confident and regain control of your destiny!