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A very wise man once said, “You can do all of the rights things and still come up wrong!” It is a sentiment echoed by many Men who value their important roles as Husbands and Fathers as they consistently make selfless sacrifices to develop and implement plans to move their families forward and positively shape the minds and souls of their children, but discover that “doing all of the right things” does not keep them out of Divorce Court and “knock-down-drag-out” custody battles. According to Joseph Cordell, Esquire, Men who are “doing all of the right things” as Husbands and Fathers yet find themselves blindsided by their wives’ groundless request for divorce, are making critical mistakes that can cost them joint or full custody of their children and financial solvency. Attorney Cordell identifies these critical mistakes in his groundbreaking book, The 10 Stupidest Mistakes That Men Make When Facing Divorce And How To Avoid Them, which is destined to become a national best seller. So,…