29 January, 2011


Back before you were around, I watched you on the sonogram
and felt like I was on the countdown to a launch of a space program.
A newborn's milestones come fast, first teeth are not meant to last.
Before you know it, those days are past. But like a controlled explosion, we had a blast.
A toddler is often terrible or tender. Though memory fades, sill I remember
of what it was like before kinder, when days, like a rocket, moved in a blur.
Elementary days passed much too quick, new hobbies, new interests, take your pick,
from the earth-bound to the celastic. This time comes soon to leave our orbit.
Middle school is that time in between the play of the youth and the toil of the teen.
Escape velocity will soon be seen as you travel to your own dream.
Now high school's end is drawing near and you’ll depart from our atmosphere.
So as you leave the stratosphere, think of us earthlings who live back here.

Don Mathis, for my son Charlie on his 18th birthday!