18 December, 2010


International Men’s Day (, founded in 1999 by Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D. and observed worldwide on November 19th has grown into a pivotal global grassroots movement that was celebrated in over 40 nations in 2010. During the weeks leading up to the worldwide observance of 2010 International Men’s Day, an International Men’s Day Study Module ( was created by Jason Thompson, the Historian and Global Promotions Coordinator for International Men’s Day and a member of the International Men’s Day Coordination Committee. Mr. Thompson is also a single Father and published author who works with individuals who have disabilities that include autism spectrum disorders and resides in Australia, In June 2009, Soul Books published Thompson’s groundbreaking book on Men’s issues, Emotionally Dumb: An Overview Of Alexithymia (, while another book, Poetry Blindness: Alexithymia And Metaphor was published in June 2008 ( The Psychotherapy Australia Journal (Volume 14, No. 4) published Mr. Thompson’s article, Alexithymia: An Imaginative Approach, in August 2008. And an article co-authored by Thompson and Harriet F. Simons, Ph.D., entitled Affective Deprivation Disorder: Does It Constitute A Relational Disorder? was published in May 2009

“The International Men’s Day Study Module has been created for use in institutions of higher learning – particularly, institutions of higher learning that offer Men’s Studies curricula,” remarked Mr. Thompson.

To learn more about the International Men’s Day Study Module, contact Mr. Jason Thompson, Historian and Global Promotions Coordinator for International Men’s Day by sending an e-mail to: