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My name is Peter Thompson, I'm 14 and live in Australia. I was happy when I recently heard that 2011 IMD would be focused on boys, because they really need support. A lot of my friends and other boys seem lost with everything; their schoolwork and what they want to do when they leave school. They also don't know what to do in their spare time and are doing things that they will surely regret later in their life. Some are dropping out of school, others are taking drugs, and a lot seem lost and unable to talk when they are upset. I remember my friend came to school one day and it seemed like something was deeply troubling him, however, when I asked him what was wrong he wasn't able to tell me, nor anyone else that asked. I believe this is a good example of what I see with a lot of the boys. Things are troubling them and they don't know how to talk about it or don't have anyone willing to listen to them.To me, boys at school have a sort of "It doesn't matter&…