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Many of us are members of a generation that was raised by the village – a village of parents; concerned neighbors; wise elders; and business, community and religious leaders who collectively mentored us, pushed us to “do more, want more, and be more,” and enforced a strict code of conduct. In many ways, and for many reasons, the village that helped to positively shape our minds and souls as we made the journey from childhood to adulthood has changed.

Some will tell you that the village no longer exists.

Others ask: “Can the village be saved?”

And then there are those who are quietly going about the business of rebuilding the village. . . .

Heralded by The New York Times as “one of the most ambitious social service experiments of our time”, the Harlem Children’s Zone Project ( implements a “pipeline of free programs” that offer a holistic approach to positively shaping the minds and souls of our children – our bridge to the future – and rebuilding the village.   The Ho…