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America has served as a beacon of hope and a place of refuge and success for many. However, during the course of American history certain groups of individuals have had to endure the loss of land, slavery, lynchings, deprivation, of civil rights, unequal access to education and a lack of social and economic opportunity to achieve parity. In short, America has been and remains a paradox. Yet, as an African-American, I remain positive about the future possibilities that exist for America. I believe in the mental toughness and “can do” attitude of the American people. I also believe that as time has passed, so have many of the racist attitudes and deeds which have hindered the ultimate growth and success of such a blessed nation. America has so far fallen short of the greatness of which it is capable.

As Americans we currently stand at a major crossroads – faced with a multitude of situations that require thoughtful decisions and well-conceived policies. We must fix our problems with b…