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Is International Men's Day now in control of the global men’s movement? Is Inernational Men's Day the authoritative voice of the men’s movement? The answer to both questions is NO.

International Men’s Day ("IMD")  never sought to hijack or gain control of the global men’s movement. The men’s movement existed long before IMD was conceptualized. Thus, IMD is part of the men’s movement. All voices within the men’s movement are important and need to be heard. Furthermore, IMD has extended its outreach beyond the men’s movement to assist other noble causes. IMD is certainly not about securing power achieving fame or boasting of a large mass following.

The pyramid was one of the architectural wonders of the ancient world. It took many years to build and each block was important and needed to be perfectly cut to complete the elaborate structure. Similarly, IMD has been built over a number of year and each person, represents a block in the pyramid. It is important that each…