16 July, 2010


Is International Men's Day now in control of the global men’s movement? Is Inernational Men's Day the authoritative voice of the men’s movement? The answer to both questions is NO.

International Men’s Day ("IMD")  never sought to hijack or gain control of the global men’s movement. The men’s movement existed long before IMD was conceptualized. Thus, IMD is part of the men’s movement. All voices within the men’s movement are important and need to be heard. Furthermore, IMD has extended its outreach beyond the men’s movement to assist other noble causes. IMD is certainly not about securing power achieving fame or boasting of a large mass following.

The pyramid was one of the architectural wonders of the ancient world. It took many years to build and each block was important and needed to be perfectly cut to complete the elaborate structure. Similarly, IMD has been built over a number of year and each person, represents a block in the pyramid. It is important that each person views himself or herself as being perfectly fitted into our society.

There is considerable reciprocity between IMD and the men’s movement. Additionally, IMD does not enter into one-way relationships with individuals and groups. Participants and coordinators of IMD do not force men’s groups and other organizations to observe this unique Day. Of course, persons and groups who do not support IMD are neither ostracized nor alienated. Hopefully in the future, persons and groups who did not support IMD would be enlightened and embrace the benefits and advantages of IMD.

Competitions involving short films, debating, drama, poetry and art are some of the creative ways of promoting and observing IMD. This broad spectrum would allow persons of diverse talents to participate in IMD.

Where did persons and groups obtain funding for such ventures? Submission fees of competition often comprise part of the prizes. Local stores often donate items or sponsor prizes. Do not be disappointed by rejections and no responses to your requests.

Registering your IMD group as a charitable organization will also help. This official and legal recognition would allow you more leverage in seeking financial assistance from the public and private sectors. This is important as often a stipend is paid to a feature speaker, and there are additional costs for maintaining websites, printing of invitations, rental of venues, and refreshments.



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