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What really matters in life? Prada? “Bling?” iPhones, iPads, Plasma TVs, and Blackberrys? Multi-million dollar condominiums and townhouses? Lamborghinis? Materials things are nice to have but they are not what really matters in life. There is nothing wrong with living comfortably, but material things are not the “be all” and “end all”. And material things most assuredly do not define who you are as a person – nor should they.

So, what really matters in life? What you believe, what you learn, how you conduct yourself in public and behind closed doors, and how you treat others, to a great degree, defines who you are and signals to the world what type of person you are.

Respect for your elders, family, integrity, wisdom, loyalty, compassion, and your ability and willingness to create your own happiness and a set of options when Life throws you a few curve balls is what really matters in life.

Understanding the importance of having a sense of purpose and a sense of direction and findin…