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Ten years ago, on 1 March 1999, my Mentor and best friend – L.T. Henry, an author, photojournalist, sales and success motivation trainer, and classically trained musician who spoke five languages (French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese), performed briefly with The Philadelphia Orchestra, and was a former drummer for internationally acclaimed songstress and film and television actress Ms. Della Reese – died suddenly. “L.T.”, as he was affectionately referred to by those of us who knew and loved him, danced with life, strived for excellence, fought against injustice, saw and pointed out the beauty and untapped potential in every one, and transformed adversities into triumphs. He was a compassionate Creative Genius who searched for answers and truth and invested 100% of his intellect, passion, energy, and talent into each person he mentored and into every project that he took on. L.T. expected his mentees to search for answers and truth, to help others, to “dance with life”,…