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IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® , a quarterly international male parenting journal which facilitates a Global Dialogue on Fatherhood turns 10 on 15 October 2009. The publication which is distributed on a subscriber basis in Europe and in selected cities in the United States was launched on 15 October 1999. And the publication’s Managing Editor is a woman and a Philadelphia native -- D.A. Sears. Sears is a member of the University Council on Fatherhood and Men’s Studies Program at Akamai University ( in Hilo, Hawaii; the Director of the IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R) INTERNATIONAL FATHERHOOD AND MEN'S ISSUES INTERNSHIP PROGRAM; and the editor/author of a Fatherhood bookIN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD®--TRANSCENDING BOUNDARIES (;

Men's health, parenting issues from a male perspective, reviews on books about Fatherhood and men's issues, economics, culture, public policy, and education are a sample of the topics that IN SEA…