16 April, 2017


           “Anam Cara” is derived from the Gaelic language. “Anam” is the Gaelic word for “soul” and “Cara” is the Gaelic word for “friend”. An “Anam Cara” is a “Soul Friend”. So, what is a “Soul Friend”? Let’s look at your life. Has there been one person in your life - at some point in your life -- whom you instinctively trusted? Do you remember feeling comfortable and safe with this person – so comfortable and so safe that you allowed yourself to stand in front of this person – spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally naked? This instinctively and natural feeling of comfort, security, and trust moved you to unmask yourself. You could be yourself around this person – the real person that you are when no one is around. With this person there was no need to mask your frailties and vulnerabilities. This person accepted you for Y-O-U. When in their presence, you no longer felt the need to act strong or brave. Gone was the need to always be “right” about everything or to always act like or prove that you are smart or know the answers to everything. With this person, it was okay not to be “right” all of the time – not to have all of the answers every time – or even not to have any answers at all. Having a plethora of questions for which you had no answers was not a big deal with this person. This person saw past your frailties . . . your vulnerabilities . . . and the mask that you wore when you were in public – a mask you used to hide your frailties and your vulnerabilities. When he or she looked at you, they saw your great potential. When he or she looked at your actions – actions you told yourself were unpardonable mistakes --- in their eyes, these “mistakes” were part of your learning curve as a spiritual being having a human experience on this space and place we know as Planet Earth.

          Well, this person is or was your “Anam Cara”.

           In many ways and for many reasons, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the heads of the 7.5 billion souls with whom we share space on Planet Earth. For some of us, the lines between “real” and “false” have become blurred. Perhaps it is the mask that we wear that blurs our vision. We find ourselves temporarily paralyzed by the circumstances that befall us which are not of our own doing. To unblur the lines between “real” and “false”, overcome the temporary paralysis which prevents us from finding options, and create certainty in an uncertain world, we must “unmask” ourselves.

           An “Anam Cara” is our “pathway” to creating certainty in an uncertain world.
Glenville Ashby, Ph.D., is an Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader, life coach, and prolific author who has penned a highly acclaimed blueprint for empowerment and healing - "Anam Cara:  Your Soul Friend And Bridge To Enlightenment And Creativity" which is available only as an audio book at:

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